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Six Mukhi Rudraksha


The Six Mukhi Rudraksha is a sacred bead blessed by Lord Kartikeya, the brave and youthful son of Lord Shiva. Kartikeya, also known as Skanda, Shanmukha, and Guha, is a resplendent warrior associated with fearlessness and dynamic energy. This Rudraksha, symbolizing his divine energy, is revered for its transformative benefits.


Essence of Six Mukhi Rudraksha:

The Six Mukhi Rudraksha, blessed by Lord Kartikeya, embodies the youthful, brave energy of the son of Lord Shiva. Kartikeya, also known as Skanda or Shanmukha, is the six-faced warrior riding on a peacock, wielding the Shaktivel. Rudra Kendra invites you to explore the transformative energy of the Six Mukhi Rudraksha, believed to enhance communication, attractiveness, and fearlessness.

Benefits of the 6 Mukhi Rudraksha:

General Benefits: This Rudraksha is associated with controlling the malefic effects of Venus. Blessed by both Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha, it is believed to eliminate lethargy, boost energy, and enhance communication skills. Wearing it on the neck or wrist is said to attract wisdom, wealth, and youthfulness, along with fearlessness.

Spiritual Benefits: The Six Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to energize the Svadhisthana Chakra (sacral chakra), improving vitality and clearing obstructive energy. It aids in attracting the right knowledge and blessings from Goddess Laxmi, promoting wisdom and steady-mindedness.

Health Benefits:

Reproductive Health: Beneficial for the reproductive organs, it strengthens the prostate glands in males and mitigates gynecological issues in females.
Nervous System: Useful for strengthening nerves and muscles, it is believed to contribute to diabetes and thyroid control.
Who Should Wear the Six Mukhi Rudraksha:

Ideal for teachers, executives, journalists, and individuals aiming to improve communication and marketing skills. The Six Mukhi Rudraksha bestows fearlessness, dynamic energy, love, beauty, and harmony while enhancing learning, wisdom, and knowledge. It aids in understanding love, music, and personal relationships, fostering a holistic and enriched life.

Story of Lord Kartikeya:

Lord Kartikeya, born from the spilled seed of Lord Shiva, was destined to destroy Tarkasur. Rescued and nurtured by the six Krittikas, he emerged as a fearless warrior. Trained by divine deities, Kartikeya defeated Tarkasur and later revealed the secret of Om to Lord Shiva, earning a place on his shoulder. Kartikeya symbolizes the energy that gives meaning to the strength of OM.

Usage and Maintenance:

Rituals: Regular maintenance involves washing the Rudraksha with water and oiling it with almond oil using a soft brush. Chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ before wearing the Mala enhances its energy.

In Closing:

Experience the blessings of Lord Kartikeya through the transformative power of the Six Mukhi Rudraksha. Rudra Kendra invites you to embrace fearlessness, enhanced communication, and wisdom as you embark on a journey enriched by the youthful and resplendent energy of Kartikeya.


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